Video: All Bacon Burger on 'Epic Meal Time'


Epic Meal Time's latest eye-popping invention features a 21-pound beef patty and a heap of bacon—25 pounds of the stuff, to be specific.

The patty (made with eggs, Montreal steak spice, and barbecue sauce) is double-wrapped in bacon, topped with bacon-wrapped cheddar and bacon wrapped "sauce packs" (mustard and ketchup) and served on a bacon-wrapped bun. On the side, there's a "dictator's dozen" of bacon-wrapped onion rings. Weighing in at a reported 183,886 calories and 15,564 grams of fat, it's something you probably don't want to try at home...though bacon-wrapped onion rings do sound like a good idea.

Take a look at the video below to bask in this glorious/gross culinary creation:

All Bacon Burger - Epic Meal Time

[Video: Epic Meal Time on YouTube]


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