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Kristen Kish

Kristen Kish (Top Chef Season 10 winner, and former chef de cuisine at Menton) has a passion for fine dining, but off the clock, the self-described perfectionist known for modern, refined plates also has plenty of room in her heart for simple comforts. Here's how she describes her idea of a perfect burger:

My perfect burger has to have a solid meat to bread ratio and be served on a brioche bun, toasted only on the cut sides so the outside rim just begins to crisp. It's buttery, warm, and rich. It should leave a little grease on your fingers from a buttery top. I have to have cheese and some form of pickles to cut through the fat. Ketchup is a must...and I have to have mayo/aioli/whatever. Not too many flavors; I'm a traditionalist in that sense.. but it can come in different creative variations. Texture, acid, salt, fat...and a little sweet from ketchup. All the rest to me crowds what is meant to shine. Medium rare please.

Scroll down to find out where Kristen satisfies her burger cravings in Boston.

Kristen Kish's Top 5 Burgers in Boston

1: Drink: The off-menu burger is like a cross between Burger King and McDonald's—a Whopper/Big Mac hybrid. It's my favorite. Perfectly satisfying and indulgent, just as a burger should be.
348 Congress Street, Boston MA 02210 (map); 617-695-1806; drinkfortpoint.com

2: Neptune Oyster: Fried oysters on a burger...need I say more?
63 Salem Street, Boston MA 02113 (map); 617-742-3474; neptuneoyster.com

3: Alden & Harlow: I love Mike's Scelfo's Secret Burger. It's all house-made with a three-cut grind, cheddar crisp, sweet and spicy pickles, salt-cured onions, and a special sauce that grandma used to make, on a warm, buttered roll.
40 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (map); 617-864-2100; aldenharlow.com


[Photographs: Tasty Burger via Facebook] (AHT review)

4: Tasty Burger: The classic cheeseburger is perfect after a few beers or after work.
69 L Street, South Boston MA 02127 (map) and 1301 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02214 (map); 617-425-4444 tastyburger.com tastyburger.com

5: Charlie's Kitchen: This place is great after drinks. Cheap, fast and delicious...just what you're looking for at 3 a.m. (and there are waffle fries!)
10 Eliot Street, Cambridge MA 02138 (map); 617-492-9646; charlieskitchen.com

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