Burger Review Blog From the Minds of a Design Firm


Lardo burger from Pig & Pie [Photograph: themessageismediumrare.com]

If you appreciate both burgers and design, you'll want to take a look at themessageismediumrare.com, a blog that blends burger reviews with lessons in creativity by MINE™, a design firm in San Francisco.

Each review includes some background about the restaurant, a description and rating of the burger, and a "lesson in creativity", which functions like a design or business moral.

Reviewers Christopher and Nathan will initially focus on places they know serve a great burger and other spots they've always wanted to try. Their list includes burger-centric restaurants, greasy spoons, bars, fine dining restaurants, food trucks, and fast food chains.


Breakfast burger from Roosevelt Tamale Parlor [Photograph: themessageismediumrare.com]

So far, 11 burger reviews have been posted, including the lettuce-laden classic cheeseburger from Roam Artisan Burgers and the "stunning and provocative" breakfast burger from Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. My favorite review so far is of the ground pastrami burger from Wise Sons' Jewish Delicatessen because it includes a thoughtful and delightfully nerdy discussion about the typography on the restaurant's menu.

The customized 404 error page is also pretty awesome.

Want to suggest a burger for an upcoming review? Scroll to the bottom of the "about" page for an email form.

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