Get Grilled Apple-Topped Burgers at Burger King Japan


[Photographs: Burger King Japan]

Last week's poll revealed that the most secretly despised standard burger topping among AHT'ers is tomato, particularly when they're mealy, slimy, or generally flavorless. If you're among those who pick and flick your slice, you might be especially intrigued by two new burgers from Burger King Japan: the BK Ringo (¥320, $3.13 USD) and the NY Whopper (¥530, $5.19 USD), both of which sub in grilled apple slices for tomatoes.

The BK Ringo (named after the Japanese word for apple) is the smaller of the two burgers. It's also not entirely brand new. Back in 2012, BK released a burger by the same name, topped with lettuce, honey mustard, mayo, and an apple slice. An AHT field agent sampled the burger for a Reality Check, reporting that it tasted like "someone put the filling of a McDonald's apple pie on the burger."

This time around, BK has nixed the honey mustard and mayo on the BK Ringo in favor of cinnamon-infused mayo (which sounds a lot better, but still equally weird).


The larger of the two burgers is the NY Whopper, which also comes with grilled apple slices. But, instead of cinnamon-infused mayo, it's topped with hollandaise sauce (along with bacon and lettuce).

Adding apple on top of a burger might sound strange, but with no onion, pickle, or ketchup to complicate the flavor profile, it might actually work. Judging by the photos and review by LA native Casey Baseel on RocketNews24, both burgers look relatively decent and have some potential.

Would you try these apple-topped burgers? Let us know in the comments.

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