The Simple Burger From Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Joint Emmett's in NYC

AHT: New York

Burger reviews in the New York City area.

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

In his latest New York restaurant review, Max Falkowitz reviews Chicago deep dish pizza joint Emmett's...whose menu also includes burgers. We had to try one. Here's his one-sentence review:

We enjoyed the simple pub Cheeseburger with soggy fries more, but its sogged-up patty and general blandness make a $13 price tag hard to swallow.

That pretty much sums it up. It's a fine, simple burger in the comfortable five- to six-ounce size range, but you'd expect more for $12.95. (They also offer a regular hamburger for $11.95 and a blue cheese-stuffed burger for $13.95.) It makes me want to go to Joe Junior for their simple, juicy cheeseburger on a squishy sesame seed bun.

As for the pizza at Emmett's, that needs work too. Read Max's review for all the gory details.