The Top 10 Burgers in Melbourne From The Burger Adventure


Kick Ass Burger from Gloria Swanston's Kitchen [Photograph: The Burger Adventure]

Fellow burger blog and friends of AHT The Burger Adventure recently unveiled their top 10 burgers in Melbourne for 2013. The blog, which features burger reviews from Australia and around the world, was created in 2009 by "four guys with a passion for beef, buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, egg, bacon, and sauce" (who are only identified by an an initial and a silhouette portrait).

To determine the top 10, the team first re-visited their 10 favorite burgers from 2012 to see if any of them were still worthy of a mention on the 2013 list, then tallied their votes. The resulting list for 2013 features five new entries along with five burgers that have been included in previous year-end round-ups.

One member of the team says the burger at Fat Bob's—a restaurant located in an industrial area on the outskirts of town—was the biggest surprise. It was made with so much obvious care that it nearly took the number one spot.

Whether or not you're interested in burgers in Melbourne, it's worth checking out the post if you want to look at some lovely burger photos. Here's the full top 10 from The Burger Adventure:

  1. The Merrywell Burger ($20) from The Merrywell
  2. The Jackie O ($15) from Fat Bob's Bar & Grill
  3. The Spotted Mallard Wagyu Beef & Bacon Burger ($19) from The Spotted Mallard
  4. The Double Laurie Dee Burger ($9.95) from Laurie Dee's
  5. Umami Burger ($22) from NSHRY
  6. David Blackmore's Full Blood Wagyu Hamburger ($22) from Rockpool Bar & Grill
  7. Raph Burger ($11) from Beatbox Kitchen
  8. Double Patty Smash Burger ($10) from Rockwell & Sons
  9. Kick Ass Burger ($16) from Gloria Swanston's Kitchen
  10. The Minor Burger ($9.50) from Tuck Shop Take Away in Victoria

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