McDonald's Debuts 'Adventure Time' Happy Meal Toys...for Boys


Adventure Time Happy Meal toys [Images: McDonalds]

Six new Adventure Time Happy Meal toys are coming to McDonald's, starting on January 17. There are bendable Jake and Finn figures, a BMO with five different expressions, and an Ice King toy that shoots an ice dagger. As Happy Meal toys go, they're pretty cool, but the decision to produce only male characters (and not-so-subtly steer girls towards an assortment of items featuring Paul Frank monkeys) is a bit of a head-scratcher.


Adventure Time and Paul Frank Happy Meal toys [Images: McDonalds]

Gendered Happy Meal toys are nothing new, as this Appalachian University article points out (and debates), but I've always thought of Adventure Time as a show that appeals to boys and girls equally. Besides, some of the strongest characters are female, from Marceline the Vampire Queen to Tree Trunks, a diminutive yellow elephant with a penchant for apple pie, not to mention the infinitely quotable Lumpy Space Princess, whose best moments can be viewed in this clip:

[Video: Best Lumpy Space Princess Lines on YouTube]

Nothing is stopping girls (and grown-up, 33-year-old women *cough*) from selecting the Adventure Time toy in their Happy Meal (or boys opting for a Paul Frank toy, for that matter), but I still think McD's flubbed this toy release. How about you?

[via Television Blend]

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