Irv's Burgers Reopens in Los Angeles

AHT: Los Angeles

Burger reviews in the Los Angeles area.


[Photograph: Dave White via Twitter]

Great news: Irv's Burgers is once again open for business in West Hollywood. The new digs at 7998 Santa Monica Boulevard (map) is only five blocks from the former location, and judging by a photo posted on Route 66 News it has both indoor and outdoor seating. It's arguably an upgrade from the original location, which, despite being awarded a Cultural Resource Designation by the West Hollywood City Council and Historic Preservation Commission, was forced to shutter due to rising rents and repair costs this past November.

Judging by this photo posted on Twitter with the hashtag #IrvsBurgers, owner Sonia Hong is continuing her tradition of personalizing customers' bags with portraits.

Check out the original Irv's Burgers in this video from burger documentarian George Motz:

[Video: George Motz on Vimeo]

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