Burgertown, a Subway Map-Inspired Burger Illustration


Click image to enlarge. [Illustration: Anthony Scerri]

Check out this fun illustration sent in by Serious Eats reader and New York City-based graphic artist Anthony Scerri, Creative Director of 10Ten Media. Scerri combined his love of burgers and New York City's subway map by illustrating each major part of a burger with a subway line whose stops are named after an ingredient or version of that part.

And because I was curious, I asked Scerri about his favorite burgers in his neighborhood of Astoria, Queens:

When I feel adventurous I go for the Kangaroo Burger "With the Lot" over at The Thirsty Koala on Ditmars Blvd. After a late night I'll head over to Sanfords Diner on Broadway and get the Gouda Stuffed Duck Burger. Finally, my go-to burger is the Sweet Afton burger with the thick cut bacon and aged cheddar over at Sweet Afton on 34th Street and 30th Avenue.

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