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[Photograph: Courtesy of Jamie Bissonnette]

Jamie Bissonnette, chef/owner of Coppa, a cozy enoteca in Boston and Toro, a tapas bar and restaurant with locations in Boston and South Chelsea, NYC, appreciates a good burger. When he's making them himself, he opts for a thin beef patty (4-6 oz.) cooked over an extra-hot flame and topped with "something pickled, something tangy, and something fresh", typically pickles, ketchup, yellow mustard, Tobasco sauce and iceberg lettuce. Late at night, he'll sometimes up the ante with a handful of salt and vinegar potato chips.

When I reached out to for his top five burger picks in Boston, Jamie's response was enthusiastic, lightning-fast, and included a wide range of burgers, from a roasted jalapeño and spicy cheese sauce slathered fast-food burger to a gourmet option topped with fried oysters.

Scroll down to see all of Jamie's favorite burgers in Boston.

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Jamie Bissonnette's Top 5 Burgers in Boston


Cheeseburger from Tasty Burger [Photograph: Mike Honcho]

1. Jalapeño Burger from Tasty Burger: It's a thin patty, soft and chewy bun, melted American cheese, and caramelized jalapeños. It's the kind of burg you can't put down when you start eating it, because it's addictive and because if you do, you'll never be able to pick it back up again, it's so messy.
Multiple locations in Boston, see tastyburger.com for full details

2. Charlie's Kitchen (Harvard Square): The double cheeseburger has the best bun to cheese to meat ratio around. It's cheap, and it is just so damn tasty.
10 Eliot Street, Cambridge MA 02138 (map); 617-492-9646; charlieskitchen.com

3. Neptune Oyster: A thick burger on a brioche roll, fried oyster and tarter sauce. Surf and turf burger. Unbelievably good.
63 Salem Street, Boston MA 02113 (map); 617-742-3474; neptuneoyster.com

4. jm Curley's late-night burger: It's like a fast food burger, but better. Flat patty, and textured in a way you eat two before you know you ate one.
21 Temple Place, Boston MA 02111 ‎(map); 617-338-5333; jmcurleyboston.com

The burger at Craigie on Main. [Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

5. Craigie on Main: Decadent burger. Tony has tricks. I think this one has sweetbreads and suet in it. Wicked flavorful and so freaking good.
853 Main Street, Cambridge MA 02139 ‎(map); 617-497-5511; craigieonmain.com

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