Lotteria's Newest Burger Features Bacon Cubes and Truffle Sauce


[Photograph: Lotteria]

Tokyo-based burger chain Lotteria isn't one to shy away from creative toppings and showy, stunt-burgers. Some creations they've rolled out this year include a Nine Patty Cheeseburger, a Menya Musashi Ramen Burger (a seasoned, lightly charred ramen "patty" topped with stewed barbecue pork and mayo), and a Napoli Panda Burger (a beef patty topped with spaghetti and tomato sauce on a bun stamped with an image of a panda), among others.

The chain's latest creation is the Bacon Cube Deluxe Cheese Burger (¥490, $4.90 USD), a beef patty topped with two types of melted cheese, creamy truffle sauce, and cubes of bacon. Yeah, cubes. With their fatty sheen and marbling, they look like porky croutons. Promo shots can be deceiving, but if this burger is half as good as it looks, I want one!

If you feel the same, the new burger will be available at Lotteria locations starting November 29th, for a limited time.

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