Irv's Burgers Shutters, Seeks New Location in West Hollywood

AHT: Los Angeles

Burger reviews in the Los Angeles area.

Cheeseburger at Irv's Burgers | Los Angeles

[Photograph: Damon Gambuto]

Rising rents and costly repairs were credited as the reason why Irv's Burgers, an iconic 63-year-old burger stand in West Hollywood, has been forced to shutter, says the Los Angeles Times.

This isn't the first time Irv's has been in trouble. In 2004, the then-property owner planned to level the shop and replace it with a Peet's Coffee, but the burger shop was saved when the West Hollywood City Council and Historic Preservation Commission awarded Irv's with a Cultural Resource Designation. That decision allowed the shop to remain open and means the original structure will likely remain intact if and when a new tenant moves into the space.

Even though Sonia Hong has served her last burger at 8289 Santa Monica Boulevard, the same Los Angeles Times article notes that she and her family hope to reopen the business at a new location in West Hollywood. Judging by the praise slathered on the burgers at Irv's by our Los Angeles correspondent, Damon Gambuto, who said "The cheeseburger combo is an exercise in burger stand classicism," we're betting that's good news for all Angelinos.