Freshness Burger Invents a Wrapper That Acts as a Privacy Shield


[Photographs: Freshness Burger]

Who amongst us, at one time or another, hasn't wished that a particularly large or sloppy burger could come with a privacy shield? That's exactly what Japanese burger shop Freshness Burger has done with their "Liberation Wrapper", a burger holding device that allows women to tear into the shop's largest item (the "classic burger") with abandon, while maintaining the appearance of "ochobo"—a small and modest mouth.


Before the debut of the new burger wrapper, the classic burger was the least-ordered item by women. With the invention of the wrapper, sales have increased a reported 213% compared to the previous month, according to this video which explains the liberation wrapper and features depictions of happy female customers getting all up in their burger's business.

Without getting too deep into the gender politics of the invention (or how the image of the closed mouth printed on the wrapper looks a bit creepy), I have to say... this really isn't a bad idea. I'd take it even further, and provide customers with burger isolation booths, so that they could eat as messily as they want while pounding the table, praising the burger gods, or letting loose a profanity-laced exaltation of their burger without fear of judgment. I don't know about you, but that's what I'm looking for in a burger-eating experience.

[via: Foodbeast]

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