Josh Capon and Guy Fieri Tie at the New York City Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash


Guy Fieri with his mac 'n cheese burger [Photograph: Food Network]

The 2013 New York City Wine & Food Festival included a first-ever occurrence: a tie for the People's Choice award in the annual Burger Bash.

Josh Capon of Burger & Barrel once again put forth his Bash burger—the same burger served at his restaurant that has allowed him to clinch three previous titles. It proved to be a crowd favorite, but this year, Capon is sharing the win with Guy Fieri, whose 22-ingredient mac 'n cheese bacon burger, served on toasted brioche slathered with garlic butter, clinched the exact same number of votes from the crowd. If you're curious about what goes into Guy's over-the-top burger, an adapted recipe is posted at


People's Choice winners: Burger & Barrel (left); Guy Fieri (right) [Photographs:]

According to Eater NYC, other burgers that stood out among the 27 different entries included Michael Lomonaco's surf 'n' turf slider, a peppery patty topped with green onions from Spice Market, Shake Shack's SmokeShack, and Harold Moore's all-American burger from Commerce.

Paul Denamiel (of Le Rivage) won the Judges' award for his french onion soup burger, served with Jacques Torres chocolates on the side.

For a closer look at the 2013 Burger Bash, take a look at the photos on GrubStreet, or check out Food Network's highlight video, featuring interviews with the two people's choice winners.

[Video: 2013 Burger Bash Winner at Food Network's New York City Wine & Food Festival on YouTube]


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