Get Burgers with Fried Mac and Cheese Buns in Chicago Until Sunday


[Photograph: Rockit Burger Bar on Facebook]

We've seen mac and cheese in a burger patty, mac and cheese on top of a burger patty, fried mac and cheese on top of a burger patty, and cheeseburger mac and cheese. Is that enough mac and cheese + burger action for the world?

No, says Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago, whose limited time Mac Attack burger fills the void of burgers with fried mac and cheese for buns. The burger also comes with scallions, sriracha ketchup, lettuce, and tomato. It's only available available this Sunday, October 6, but seeing as Rockit Burger Bar introduced this burger back in September, I'd be surprised if they didn't bring it back in the future.

Rockit Burger Bar also serves a mac and cheese-topped burger on their regular menu [PDF].

If anyone tries the burger, let us know how it is.

[via HuffPo]