New Mexican Festival Burgers Come to McDonalds Japan


[Photographs: McDonald's Japan]

McDonald's Japan recently rolled out a trio of new salsa burgers as part of a "Mexican Fiesta" promotion that runs until the end of August. Each of the three burgers (double beef, fried chicken, and fried shrimp) are topped with a chunky tomato, pepper, and onion salsa and spicy jalapeño cheese sauce. Prices vary by region, but the beef and shrimp burgers will set you back between ¥‎330 to ¥‎370 (approximately $3.66-$3.77 USD). The chicken version retails for a bit less: ¥‎320 to ¥‎360 ($3.26-$3.67 USD).

While it's hard to confirm from publicity photos alone, the salsa looks tomato-heavy and fairly tame, but the jalapeño cheese sauce sounds promising. Want a better look? The TV spot features some extreme close-ups of the burger coming together.

Anyone else curious about these new burgers?

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