'Los Angeles Times' Food Writer Jonathan Gold's Favorite Los Angeles Burgers

Burger at Comme Ça in Los Angeles

[Photograph: Damon Gambuto]

Los Angeles Times food writer Jonathan Gold recently shared his top 10 burgers in LA that aren't grown in a lab (a reaction to all of the hubbub surrounding the unveiling of the world's first lab-grown burger).

Gold's selections include everything from longtime favorites like Father's Office to Aroma Cafe's Bosnian hamburger (aka pljeskavica), described as "a thin, Balkan hamburger, as big and round as a phonograph record, flavored with salt and onions and peppers, briefly cooked over a hot charcoal fire and stuffed into a focaccia" and a highly-engineered burger at Plan Check, with toppings like "translucent ketchup leather" and a "fudgy layer of American cheese".

Scroll down to see all of Gold's top 10 burgers in Los Angeles. Any entries you'd like to see our LA correspondent, Damon Gambuto, add to his to-do list? Let us know in the comments.

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