'Food & Wine' Readers' Picks: Best Burgers in the US


Clockwise from top left: The Breslin (by Robyn Lee), Red Mill Burgers (by Adam Lindsley), Gott's Roadside (by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt), and Au Cheval (by Daniel Zemans)

Food & Wine recently released the results of their readers poll for best burgers in the nation. Of the 20 restaurants that earned a nod, 16 have been officially reviewed in some capacity on AHT or Serious Eats. Check out the winners and links to the reviews below:

Anaheim Hills, CA: Slater's 50/50 [AHT review] Atlanta: Holeman & Finch [AHT review] Austin: Hopdoddy Burger Bar [AHT review] Charleston: Husk Chicago: Au Cheval [AHT review] Chicago: Kuma's Corner [AHT review] Chicago: Rockit Bar & Grill [Serious Eats Chicago review] Columbus, OH: Thurman Cafe [Hamburger America excerpt] Denver: The Cherry Cricket Minneapolis: Matt's Bar [AHT review] New Orleans: The Company Burger [Ed Levine's review] New York: The Breslin [AHT review] New York: J.G. Mellon [AHT review] Santa Monica: Father's Office [AHT review] Seattle: Dick's Drive-In [AHT review] Seattle: Red Mill Burgers [AHT review] St. Helena: Gott's Roadside [AHT review] St. Paul, MN: Casper's & Runyon's Nook West Hartford, CT: Plan B Burger Bar Woodmere, OH: B Spot Burgers [AHT review]

What do you think are the best/worst picks on this list? Any major omissions?

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