NPR Tackles the Monstrosity of Wendy's 9-Patty T-Rex Burger


[Photograph: NPR]

Until last week, you could get the T-Rex Burger—a cheeseburger featuring nine quarter-pound patties and nine slices of cheese—at just one Wendy's location in Manitoba, Canada. Not wanting to look like they condoned the 3,000 calorie meat tower, Wendy's took the semi-secret item off the menu after someone posted about the burger on Reddit.

But nothing (aside from common sense) is stopping you from combining three triple cheeseburgers. And thus the staff of NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! did just that in their latest Sandwich Monday post, in honor of the fallen T-Rex. Read their commentary and you might want to try the burger, too—they call it "inexplicably delicious."

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