Milwaukee: Burgers on the Riverwalk at John Hawk's Pub

AHT: Milwaukee

Burger reviews in the Milwaukee area.


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

John Hawk's Pub

100 East, Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53202 (map); 414-501-2500;
Cooking Method: Grilled
Short Order: English pub in downtown Milwaukee that has a patio on the Riverwalk and flavorful flame-broiled burgers
Want Fries With That? Seasoned steak fries are not noteworthy, but serviceable
Price: Double bacon cheeseburger, $11.99

To continue the al fresco dining theme from my last review, this week I hit up a spot on downtown Milwaukee's Riverwalk. Running along the entire length of the Milwaukee Rver through downtown, the Riverwalk connects buildings with a continuous pedestrian walkway. Many of the restaurants located on the river have large patio and deck spaces—spaces that become quite crowded in the summer with tourists and business folks alike—including John Hawk's Pub.

If you enjoy grilled burgers, John Hawk's has the burger for you. Their double bacon cheeseburger ($11.99) is nothing fancy, but it's got that distinct flame-broiled flavor. (If you've ever had a burger from Major Goolsby's, their burger tastes similar to John Hawk's.) The patty has plenty of charred bits that break up the otherwise uniform texture and picture-perfect grill marks.


The third-pound patties came out a bit dry for my medium request, but the dryness didn't bother me that much. The copious amounts of American cheese provided a little extra moisture and creaminess and helped stick everything together. The bacon was a little bit bland, but even a very flavorful bacon probably wouldn't hold up against two patties' worth of flame-broiled beef. As far as the vegetation went, the mealy, barely red, thick-sliced tomato shouldn't have been there, but the thinly sliced red onion was a nice addition. Overall, the American cheese was the star topping.


Fries were of the seasoned steak fry variety and pretty standard—crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Nothing to write home about, but serviceable.


John Hawk's is one of the many restaurants along the Riverwalk where you can grab a burger and a beer. If you're in the mood for an old fashioned burger and enjoy flame-broiling, it might be a good stop for you.

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