WTF: Lotteria's Ramen Burger Topped with 10 Extra Ramen Servings


[Photographs: RocketNews24]

Behold the latest fast food burger tower monstrosity from Japanese blog RocketNews24: Lotteria's new Ramen Burger topped with 10 extra servings of ramen. (Previous towers include cheese tower, onion tower, and bacon tower.) Yup, it has no good reason to exist.


But I've got to give props to Mr. Sato—RocketNews24's resident burger guinea pig—for eating the whole thing. You can watch him go at it in the video below (warning: loud music ahead):

[Video: rocketnews24]


For a more reasonable food stunt, RocketNews24 also transformed Lotteria's ramen burger into a bowl of ramen, which they beefed up with extra water and sliced green onion.

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