Video: Season 2 Premiere of Top Chef Richard Blais's 'Burger Lab'


Richard Blais's YouTube cooking show Burger Lab premiered earlier this year and now Blais's back for season 2. The first new episode features a New Orleans-inspired mash-up: the Spicy Po' Boy Muffaletta Burger. From the bottom up, there's a charred Italian bread bun; a layer of crawfish and Old Bay mayo ("Old Bayo"); olive salad mixed with shredded lettuce; double-battered, deep fried crawfish tails; ground pork and andouille sausage patty; provolone and mozzarella, slices of mortadella, tasso ham, and salad; and the top bun.

All locations of Flip Burger Boutique will be serving this burger from now until May 13.


Spicy Po' Boy Muffaletta Burger - Burger Lab

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