Roger Ebert on His Favorite Burger Joint, Steak 'n Shake


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Film critic Roger Ebert died yesterday at 70 after a decade-long battle with thyroid cancer. A surgery in 2006 left him unable to eat, drink, or speak, but that didn't stop him from writing about food in his blog and publishing a rice cooker-centric cookbook in 2010. In particular, he had a deep affinity for Steak n' Shake—he said it's where he'd request his last meal if he were on Death Row and where he'd bring President Obama and his family for dinner if he had the choice. Read his 2009 tribute to Steak 'n Shake, "Car, Table, Counter, or TakHomaSak®," if you haven't already. It's an excellent read whether or not you like Steak 'n Shake.

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