Lotteria Japan Promoting 'Evangelion: Q' With a 9-Patty Cheeseburger


[Photograph: Lotteria]

Fast food chains in Japan has brought us five-patty burgers, seven-patty burgers, and now nine-patty burgers. Lotteria is releasing this limited-time cheeseburger tower to promote the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Evangelion: Q. As for what nonuple-patty burgers have to do with it, the letter Q sounds like the number nine in Japanese, kyuu. The "Q Level Burger," along with a two-pronged "Spear of Longinus" fork, can be yours for ¥1,280 (about $12.90) from April 24 to May 31.

[via Kotaku, RocketNews24]

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