Limited Time Anime-Watching Burger at Burger King Japan Is Just Meat and Bun



To promote the new anime series Majestic Prince, Burger King Japan is offering a special burger, the Shiwowappa, meant to be eaten while watching anime. What does this special burger consist of? Grilled patty and sesame seed bun and...that's it. No toppings.



The press release give some reasons for the burger's design. As far as I can tell from a semi-comprehensible Google translation, the burger being a one-handed, non-messy meal is what makes it good for watching anime. It also comes with a special coaster. (There are way more details in the press release, I just can't translate them all.) The burger is being offered until April 7 (started on April 1) at just three locations.


[Photograph: Rocketnews24]

RocketNews24 has a review and more photos of the burger.

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