'Tastes of America' Menu Now Available at McDonald's Australia


[Image: facebook.com/McDonaldsAU]

This week McDonald's Australia came out with a limited-time "Tastes of America" menu featuring sort-of-America-themed burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and more. Here's a list of the items (with descriptions from McDonald's website):

  • The New York Classic: "Introducing The New York Classic. Juicy beef smothered in a bold Mustard Mayo with cheese, lettuce, pickles and onions inside a big bun topped with sesame seeds, chili flakes and chives. Taste the 'Big Apple' in a bun."
  • The Smoky Texan: "Saddle up to the new Smoky Texan Burger. With a big ol' Angus beef patty, smoky Texan sauce, a tasty bacon rasher and all the trimmings, this taste of the big state will leave you saying 'yeeehaw!'"
  • The California Chicken: "Introducing the star of the show. The California Chicken burger. A crispy chicken patty covered in a refreshingly delicious sweet chili 'n lime sauce and topped off with crisp lettuce. It's so hot right now."
  • Roadhouse Brekkie Roll: Hey you - wake up and smell the onions! And while you're at it, the egg, cheese, double bacon and smoky BBQ sauce. The Roadhouse Brekkie Roll - it's the tastiest way to start your day."
  • Banana Split Shake: "It's everything you love about the taste of bananas. Everything you dig about chocolate thickshakes. Spun together to create the delicious Banana Split Shake. A banana flavoured thickshake with chocolate swills topped off with chunks of chocolate fudge pieces. It's 52 states of bliss."
  • Waffle cones: "Imagine creamy layers of soft serve cascading into a crunchy waffle cone, generously drizzled with chocolate fudge, strawberry or caramel topping. Now stop imagining all that because it exists and it's waiting for you right now at McDonald's."
  • Chilli Cheese Pops: "The McDonald's new Chilli Cheese Pops pack more kicks than Route 66. Mouth-watering bites of crispy deep fried cheese with the added kick of genuine Jalapeno peppers. Cheese has never had such bite."

McDonald's has offered America-themed burgers in many other countries, including Spain, Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, and Japan (where the Big America menu is currently being offered).

[via Burger Business]

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