Video: Harvard Students Send the First Hamburger Into Space


[Screenshots: nyassin14 on YouTube]

Ordinary objects that have been sent into "space" by weather balloons: an iPhone, a Lego man, a toy train, and most recently, a burger. With the help of Boston-area burger chain b.good, five friends from Harvard conducted their burger launch on October 27 from Sturbridge, Massachusetts. To keep the burger solid and stable, they coated the two-day old burger with spray-on varnish, glued it together, and screwed it to an acrylic board. They attached the board to a box containing a GoPro Hero and an HTC Rezound phone, and secured the box to a helium-filled, 600 gram weather balloon.


The burger reached a maximum altitude of 30,000 meters—technically not entering the standard definition of space, but reaching the stratosphere, which is still damn high and makes for an awesome video (and, admittedly, "First Hamburger In the Stratosphere" doesn't sound as good).


The burger landed about 130 miles away in Byfield, Massachusetts...stuck 100 feet up in a tree. The team tried shooting it down with a bow, but eventually got it down by hiring someone to climb the tree.

"Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space"

[via BostInno]

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