The Good and the Bad in Fried Burgers at the Texas State Fair


Fried Cheeseburger Bites. [Photographs: Ewan Macdonald]

AHT's Dallas correspondent Ewan Macdonald just wrote about 15 crazy fried foods from the Texas State Fair, two of which were burger-themed. In case you missed it, here are the burger highlights and lowlights with Ewan's descriptions:

First, the sort of good: Fried Cheeseburger Bites.

A torrent of molten cheese is generally a good way to start any dish, but the fried cheeseburger bites didn't quite live up to expectations. That's because the burger component was oddly gristly, like sausage. Still, for fried meat-and-cheese enthusiasts, this is near the top of the pile.


And the really bad: Fried Mac-N-Cheese Slider.

I like hamburgers. I like mac and cheese. Their powers combined could be unimaginably good. Instead, the fried mac-n-cheese slider was a careless mess. The mac-n-cheese patty, encased in breadcrumbs, was atop the driest, sorriest burger patty in existence. This was like freeze-dried astronaut food levels of dry. Had this been prepared with a little more care, it could have been something special instead of a disgrace.

Check out the rest of the post on Serious Eats for more recommended and rejected dishes.

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