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Editor's note: AHT reader Julia sent in this review of McDonald's Australia's Lamb Burger in September, shortly after it was released in August. I'm only posting it now because...I am slow and forgetful. According to Burger Business, the lamb burger will be available until early November. Sorry for my lateness, Julia, and thank you for your diligent reporting! Julia has previously reviewed McDonald's El Maco.


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It boasts a wheatgerm bun, salad greens (iceberg lettuce, spinach, and what we think may be rocket), tomato, fresh red onions, aioli, a splash of tomato sauce (on mine, at least), beetroot, and a fried egg. The Serious Lamb burger is, well. It's serious. It's very serious. In fact, it's deadly serious. Macca's recommends using both hands to consume; that's how serious it is.


The Serious Lamb burger next to a Mighty Angus burger.

The "thick and juicy" patties are made of 100% Australian lamb, combined with "egg and breadcrumbs, then seasoned with rosemary, parsley, oregano, garlic and real onions to create a mouthwatering taste." The patty is basically a very delicious slice of meatloaf with little pockets of soft, tasty onion bits, but for whatever reason, the lamb taste is not really distinguishable. All it really hits is the meat-salt-fat taste trinity that makes it something you want to shovel in your mouth as fast as humanly possible. I feel like I need more finely tuned taste buds to weigh in on this. It also isn't as much of a greasebomb as a Quarter Pounder, which always seems to arrive sopping wet.

They aren't kidding about the thick part; the patty is about 1-cm tall and the entire burger is a hefty affair. However, it's still got pretty bad bun overhang. The bun looks about as solid as Arnold Schwarzenegger's bicep, though it's still your basic soft Macca's bun despite its rock-hard appearance.


As for the toppings, it had an actual egg! The yolk was cooked through, but overall the egg was actually rather well done—no excessively burnt or tough edges on the white. No real comment on the greens. They're about what you expect and get from a Maccas—faintly leathery lettuce, slightly mealy tomato, even if it looked very nice.

So I reckon if you're Down Under and after a burger that doesn't sit too heavily in the gut, and isn't a McChicken or a redonkulously puny Filet-O-Fish, get a little serious lamb.

Mary won't mind.

Regards, Julia & Bro

Serious Lamb Burger Commercial

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