Coming Soon to Burger King Japan: The Kabocha-topped BK Pumpkin Burger


[Photographs: Burger King Japan]

Burger King Japan is celebrating fall with the limited time BK Pumpkin [PDF], available from October 26 until the end of December. The burger costs ¥310 (about $3.90) and is topped with two slices of kabocha squash, bacon, lettuce, and a special nut-flavored sauce made with sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. It comes on a double slitted sesame bun that's supposed to (vaguely) look like a pumpkin. Burger King is also offering two slices of kabocha as a topping for any of their burgers for an extra ¥60 (about 75¢).


For an even more limited time, Burger King is offering the Pumpkin Bomb, a burger topped with 10 slices of kabocha, for an extra ¥100 yen (about $1.25) until November 17. (Kotaku points out the unfortunate coincidence that this burger shares its name with a bomb used by the US against Japan in WWII.)

[via Brand Eating]


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