Burger King Mascot Gives Away Free Whoppers at McDonalds During Prank


It's been a long time since we've seen Burger King's creepy King mascot—BK cut him out of their ad campaigns last year—but thanks to Atlanta-based "surreal comedy group" The Woodcreek Faction, your nightmares may be reignited by this video of a prancing King handing out free Whoppers at a McDonald's in Rome, Georgia.

The King may be on hiatus, but he shows he can still stay sort of relevant by throwing in a Gangnam Style dance move at 1:05. [Video: TheWoodcreekFaction on Youtube]

When the manager asked him why he was passing out burgers, he claimed he was raising money and awareness for a children's charity. Which children exactly? "It's for all the children," he explained.

The manager called the police, but the King got away before the police arrived. Read more from the police report at the Rome News-Tribune.

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