In-N-Out Severs Ties with Beef Supplier Over Inhumane Treatment

On Monday, the USDA temporarily shut down Central Valley Meat Co. slaughterhouse in Hanford, California, after animal welfare videos showed inhumane treatment of livestock, reports ABC News. Some more information about the video from the Associated Press:

The agency suspended operations Monday at Central Valley Meat Co. in Hanford after receiving the video Friday from the animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing. The footage shows animals bleeding and thrashing after being repeatedly shot in the head with a pneumatic gun in unsuccessful efforts to render them unconscious for slaughter.

Federal regulations say that to avoid unnecessary suffering during slaughter, animals must be rendered unconscious by a single shot to the head from a pneumatic gun that fires a bolt through the skull to pierce the brain.

The USDA said late Tuesday that it found evidence of inhumane practices on the video, but the footage did not indicate beef from sick cattle got into the food system.


Screenshot from video clip.

In-N-Out Burger immediately dropped Central Valley Meat Co.—which supplied 20 to 30 percent of the chain's beef—upon hearing about the situation. In-N-Out's chief operating officer Mark Taylor released this statement to the ABC News:

In-N-Out Burger would never condone the inhumane treatment of animals, and, in fact, all of our suppliers must agree to abide by our strict standards for the humane treatment of cattle.

The article doesn't mention whether any other businesses/institutions have dropped Central Valley Meat Co. There is not yet enough evidence to trigger a meat recall, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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