Evanston, IL: Wiener and Still Champion Finds New Level of Excess with the Faux Poutine Burger

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[Photographs: Daniel Zemans]

Wiener and Still Champion

802 Dempster, Evanston IL 60202 (map); 847-869-0100‎; wienerandstillchampion.com
Cooking Method: Grilled
Short Order: Perhaps the most creative offering from a restaurant already known for pushing limits for burgers and fried goodies
Price: Faux Poutine Burger, $9

It's not often that A Hamburger Today covers the same restaurant twice, but when AHT editor Robyn Lee caught wind of the fact that burger madman Gus Paschalis at Wiener and Still Champion (WaSC) in Evanston had come up with what might be his most outrageous concoction to date, some reporting was necessary.

WaSC is known for four things: great old school char burgers (read my review here), an insane collection of fried foods, creative sauces, and stellar fries. It's a place that occasionally serves a Luther Burger, deep fries things ranging from gyros to chili, and offers sauces like sweet bacon ketchup and strawberry mint ranch. What makes the Faux Poutine Burger stand out is that it brings all four categories of WaSC goodness together in one over the top and extremely messy meal: grilled beef, chicken fried gravy, aioli, Merkt's cheddar, and fries in one burger.


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