Dear AHT: Burger Rec at the Barcelona School of Informatics

Dear AHT

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Editor's note: Here's a reader recommendation we received for a good burger in Spain you probably wouldn't expect. Send your recs to [email protected].


[Photograph: Oriol]

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersFrom time to time I use to check your blog for some tips or ideas, and you should always be prepared for a trip, so discovering places by your blog helps to plan a way to experience a nicer approach to your country and run from typical tourist places.

That is the main reason I write you that letter, because I want you to experience the same feeling of discovery If you happen to come to my city.

I am actually an Engineering student and recently one of our college cafeterias has given a nice surprise to our little family. That may be the FIBer Burger or FIBurger (FIB stands for Faculty on Informatics of Barcelona), and believe me it is not the place you expect a burger like that. It's kind of our college secret.

The burger is a 200 grams (or 7 ounces in American measuring system) of veal. Topped with bacon, tomato, and lettuce, and stuffed in quite tasty bread, a picture is better than a hundred words.

So if you visit someday Barcelona, that could be a nice spot to visit, out of the tourism circles. Oh, I was forgetting it. The computing college guys in Barcelona are the same that turned our college chappel into a supercomputer that you can even visit by applying here:


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