Dear AHT: Jersey Burgers in Ramsey, NJ

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[Photograph: Bill Cianci]

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Jersey Burgers

112 East Main Street, Ramsey NJ 07446 (map); 201-934-0002;
Cooking Method: Flat Griddled
Want Fries with That? Fries are generic crinkle cut; eh
Price: Plain hamburger, 5-6oz, $4.49
Seating note: Two small round bar tables and counter—that's it

I've wanted to try Jersey Burgers in Ramsey, NJ, for a long time. Finally, I went for lunch a few weeks ago and ordered the Double Cheeseburger with raw onion and pickle. I asked for my burgers med-rare and for the first time in my life received my double beauty with two different temperatures: one patty was med-rare and one was well done. Very odd, no? If not for this and the very stale roll, this burger could have been a contender, as the meat tasted fresh and was very juicy despite the one well done patty. Although there is no excuse for serving a stale roll on a burger, I would give Jersey Burgers one more try.

—Bill Cianci