Dear AHT: The El Maco at McDonald's in Australia

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Julia from Australia recently sent in this review of a new burger from McDonald's, the vaguely Mexican-themed El Maco topped with "spicy taco sauce and sour cream." Thanks, Julia! If anyone else has a rec/non-rec, contact us at [email protected].


[Photograph: McDonald's Australia on Facebook]

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersGreetings again from Australia!

Apparently, the El Maco is back for a limited time at McDonald's. I admit I've never tried its previous iteration, but as I speak I'm staring at a rather classy looking pink and off-white box containing said burger. I find this hilarious, given that my weekend job is at a Mexican restaurant. Anticipation is high and my fries are doing a good job of being an appetizer. Bro is making appreciative sounds.

The El Maco is advertised as having a healthy glop of sour cream and "taco sauce," two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, et al. In the ads, it looks like beauty: two beef patties sandwiching a slice of cheese, resting delicately on a fluffy bun, topped with rich green lettuce and a salubrious slathering of taco sauce and sour cream.

In reality...well.


I admit that the pictures are subpar as well, but the apples aren't falling very far from the (unrelated) tree. I also suffered a moment of worry while attempting to locate the second patty. Wasn't this a double? Where is the second patty? Bro put his engineering skills to the test and conducted a dig. It was eventually discovered tucked underneath the first patty and seemingly half-buried in the bottom bun. And sour cream? What sour cream? Wait, that sticky-looking patch of white is the sour cream? This is worrying. And that is not nearly enough taco sauce. Are you sure this is taco sauce? Bro conducts another test. Yes, yes it is. It's spicy. Barely.

So how did it taste?

Underwhelming. The taco sauce had no kick, made worse by the fact that we like our hot sauces dialed up to 11, and the sour cream was undetectable. It was closer to a regular cheeseburger with a really weak cock sauce (Sriracha) smeared over the top. And no sour cream. We like sour cream. Y U no give sour cream?

We'd rather chance another artery-clogging mashup than eat this again.

—From the ones who brought you the wackiness of the McSwingin' burger, Julia and Bro

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