Dear AHT: In-N-Out in Tokyo for a One-day Pop-up Event

Dear AHT

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Editor's note: Today In-N-Out held a one-day pop-up event in Tokyo, similar to In-N-Out's previous pop-ups in Shanghai and Sydney. AHT reader Carl Nordell sent us a recap of the event with photos. Thanks, Carl!



[Photographs: Carl Nordell]

Dear AHT, Letters From Our Readers

I'm living in Tokyo at the moment and during lunch a colleague excitedly yelled from the computer: "IN-N-OUT ARE DOING A TEST RUN AT ZIP ZAP BURGER TODAY!!"

Zip Zap burger is a burger place around the corner and today, Wednesday 28th, they took the place over and used it to see how the Japanese reacted to the burgers.

There was no questions in my mind of where I was having my lunch.



I left the office and not even 1 minute later I was standing outside the place formerly known as Zip Zap Burger. There was a queue outside the door with maybe 20 people, and by the door there was a Japanese man dressed in a blue uniform, acting as a bouncer.

I said hi to some friends who were ahead in the line and put myself in the back. A girl with a walkie talkie welcomed me and told me I needed a special wrist band to order burgers. It must've been a way to make sure people weren't skipping ahead in line.

I talked to some of the people arranging the event and even they weren't sure of what was going on.

All the best Carl Nordell


The menu at this pop-up:

Double-Double: ¥700 ($8.46) Cheeseburger: ¥400 ($4.83) Hamburger: ¥300 ($3.63) Potato chips: ¥100 ($1.21) Medium drink: ¥100 ($1.21) T-shirt: ¥800 ($9.67)