Video: Nathan Myhrvold Making a Burger on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


This past Wednesday Nathan Myhrvold, author of Modernist Cuisine, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to demonstrate how to cook the patty for his "modernist" burger using the "cry­ofry­ing" method. All you need is liquid nitrogen, a sous vide bath, and a pot you can deep fry the patties in. ...Yeah. By cooking the patty sous vide to the perfect medium rare doneness, then quickly freezing it in liquid nitrogen followed by deep frying, you get a thin crust around the outside of the patty without overcooking the rest of it. Also, it ends up looking much better than it would straight from the sous vide bath.

Jimmy's reaction after taking his first bite: "It's cold." He also says it's good, but notes the meat's strange consistency, "like biting into a bologna." I'm guessing if he liked it more, he wouldn't have dropped it into the liquid nitrogen at the end.

[via Gizmodo]

Nathan Myhrvold and Jimmy Kimmel Cooking


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