Yesterday, In-N-Out in Sydney for One-day Pop-up Event


[Photographs: @BarrioChino_; 1, 2]

Yesterday In-N-Out appeared in Sydney for the first time at a pop-up event at Mexican restaurant Barrio Chino (sorry we didn't find out earlier so we could tell you guys to actually go to the event). Similar to the In-N-Out pop-up in Shanghai last month, this event also illustrated some not so secret menu items, specifically Animal Style and Protein Style burgers. Prices were a bit higher than in the US: Double-Double for AU $5 (US $5.23), cheeseburger for AU $4 (US $4.18), and hamburger for AU $3 (US $3.14).

According to this Facebook post, they ran out of burgers in less than an hour. Also in that post, a message from In-N-Out about their expansion plans to Australia (or lack of):

We have done events like this before in other countries and they are just one part of our efforts to promote and expand our brand as well as determine the best way to continue reaching out to customers around the world. We do not have any immediate plans to open a permanent restaurant there but this special event will help us make future decisions.

You can see more photos from the event at Gizmodo Australia and Tighttigers.