'Seattle' Magazine's List of the 25 Best Burgers in Seattle


Butcher's Grind House Burger at Local 360 [Photograph: Adam Lindsley]

The January issue of Seattle magazine features a list of The 25 Best Burgers in Seattle in five categories, along with lists of famous friends' favorite burgers and favorite big, over-the-top burgers. Here's a quick list of the places mentioned; check out Seattle's website for more descriptions and photos.

Seattle is also holding a Burger Brawl event on January 26 where you'll be able to try burgers from many of the restaurants listed below. Tickets are $40 each.

Best Beefy Burgers

All-American Burger: Butcher's Grind House Burger at Local 360 [AHT review] Bacon Cheeseburger: Swinery Burger with Bacon at The Swinery Dive Bar Burger: Tavern Burger at Two Bells Tavern Mushroom Swiss Burger: The Mushroom Burger with Swiss at Charlie's Buns & Stuff Food Truck Hot and Spicy Burger: The No. 11 at Zippy's Giant Burgers [AHT review] The Best Beefy Burgers For Your Buck: Tavern Burger at Brave Horse Tavern; Zippy's Zip Burger with bacon and cheese

Best 5 Burgers Under $5

Hamburger All The Way: Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger: Broiler Bay [AHT reviews] The Classic with Cheese: Uneeda Burger [AHT review] Tavern Burger: Loretta's Northwesterner Zip Burger: Zippy's Giant Burgers

Best Yuppie Burgers

Yuppie Level 1: Quinn's Yuppie Level 2: The Skillet burger at Skillet Diner Yuppie Level 3: Juicy Lucy at John Howie Steak Yuppie Level 4: Tavern Law Yuppie Level 5: Spring Hill [AHT review]

Seattle's Classic Burgers

Dick's Drive-In [AHT review] Burgermaster [AHT review] Red Mill [AHT review]

Best Burgers that Go Beyond the Beef

Turkey Burger: 5-ounce Turkey Burger at Teddy's Bigger Burgers Duck Burger: Dork Burger at Lunchbox Laboratory [AHT review] Lamb Burger: Jules Maes Saloon Wild Game Burger: Elk Burger at Uneeda Burger Vegan Burger: The El Besito Caliente Burger at Sage Cafe