Blacows in Tokyo, the Greatest Burger Joint in the World?


[Photograph: C. B. Cebulski]

"In my mind, there is no doubt... at this moment, Blacows in Tokyo indeed makes the best burger on the planet," says C. B. Cebulski of Eataku. What's so special about this place? As Cebulski explains in his post, the restaurant is owned by a butcher and they only use Japanese Black Wagyu beef, hence the name Bla(ck)cows. A chalkboard at the restaurant's entrance lists info for the cuts of beef they're using that day: the beef's origin, the number of the cow the cut is from, and the beef's grade. Inside you get a full view of a full-time butcher cutting meat in the section of the kitchen dubbed the Patty Factory. This is some hardcore burger-making.

Blacows' website features a diagram of their bacon cheese avocado burger that illustrates the different components: original BBQ sauce, original tartar sauce, marinated onions, buns from Maison Kayser, and more. Burger prices range from ¥1300 (about $17) to ¥1700 (about $22) at dinner; lunch prices are a bit lower.

Have any AHT-ers tried Blacows?