AHT on TV: Damon, Katie, and Farley on 'Kitchen Nightmares' Tonight

Part 1 of Kitchen Nightmares' Burger Kitchen episode.

Earlier this year the folks at Kitchen Nightmares came calling for a pizza reviewer for an episode being shot in the Los Angeles area, and yours truly stepped up to represent the team here at Serious Eats/Slice. It turned out to be a rather quick 15 minutes of fame for me as I was only on air for a brief comment.

Not too long ago I got the call again. This time around Gordon Ramsay was taking on the kitchen nightmare at Burger Kitchen. Once again, I readied myself for a close-up and headed to the restaurant to dig into Gordon's new improved menu, but this time (thankfully) I wasn't alone.

The lovely and talented Katie Robbins dined with me and taco titan Farley Elliot broke burgers with some Yelp reviewers for the reopening of Burger Kitchen. It's being pitched as "most intense Kitchen Nightmares of the year." The first installment aired last Friday and tonight is the conclusion which includes the a reworked Burger Kitchen menu, staff, and interior.

Now, we'll all be watching it for the first time tonight with the rest of you. I'm reasonably confident that Katie and I will get precious-little air time (if any), but a little birdie told me that our Farley (who also happens to be a gifted comedy writer and performer with Upright Citizens Brigade) made the cut. You can tune in tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. to see just how it all went down.