In-N-Out Is Suing Copycat Grab-N-Go in Aberdeen, MD


Does Grab-N-Go's logo remind you of anything? ...Yeaaah. Nice try, Grab-N-Go, but In-N-Out isn't okay with the similar name, color scheme, and logo design. The AP reports that In-N-Out filed an infringement lawsuit against Grab-N-Go this week due to the similarities, claiming that "customers could be led to believe that the Aberdeen, Md., burger joint Grab-N-Go is related to In-N-Out."

But Grab-N-Go isn't just similar to In-N-Out; looking at Grab-N-Go's photos on Facebook there's a definite Five Guys resemblance as well.

Five Guys' menu vs. Grab-N-Go's menu. Click photo to enlarge.

It's like an In-N-Out/Give Guys mashup; the interior of the restaurant features a white and red checkerboard design like Five Guys, and the menu has regular burgers and "rookie" burgers, which seems to be a take on Five Guys' regular burgers and little burgers. Grab-N-Go also offers all their toppings for free (17 in all) and has a selection of hot dogs, like Five Guys. Grab-N-Go also makes three specialty burgers: the Texas Burger (with bacon barbecue sauce, and cole slaw), Asian Burger (with..."savory Asian pink sauce"), and Wild Style Burger with grilled onions, pickles, and "Wild Sauce" (mentioned in In-N-Out's lawsuit for being too animal style-esque).

Don't suppose we have any AHT-ers in Aberdeen who can check this place out?

[via Eater]

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