Video: In-N-Out Threatening to Sue Copycat Restaurant Burger Express in Boise

[Video: KTVB]

Does the logo for Burger Express in Boise, Idaho, look a bit familiar? Red, bold, sans-serif type surrounded by a pointy, yellow shape? The video from KTVB shows a few more similarities in menu and restaurant design, and In-N-Out isn't happy about it, saying they'll file a lawsuit if Burger Express's manager Larry Squillace doesn't make changes to his restaurant's look—estimated to cost over $35,000—by August 5. Squillace acknowledges the similarities, but isn't budging; "I don't feel I did anything wrong," he told KTVB. He had stronger words in his interview with Idaho Statesman: "This goliath company just wants to pop our bubble and take all our dreams and smash 'em."

Do we have any AHT readers in Boise who could tell us how Burger Express is?

[via Eater]