Dear AHT: Prepackaged Microwavable Cheeseburger from Spain

Dear AHT

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[Photograph: Benjamín Chalezquer]

After seeing our post about a burger-shaped kiddie ride in Spain, Madrid-based AHT reader Benjamín Chalezquer (Nublall on Serious Eats) sent us these photos of a prepackaged microwavable cheeseburger (hot cheeseburger goodness in just one minute!). In his email he wrote:

I was grocery shopping and I saw one of the things I never expected to see in Spain. Ever.

Microwaveable cheeseburger... Here you have a couple of pictures.

In the name of a Burger-loving Spaniard: sorry for this.

No word on how it tastes, but I'd guess "not so awesome."