Philadelphia Burger Brawl Roundup

AHT: Philadelphia

Burger reviews in the Philadelphia area.

[Photograph: Nicholas Chen]

On this past glorious sunbathed Sunday, 18 restaurants descended upon the the roaming plains courtyards of William M. Meredith Elementary Public School for the Philadelphia Burger Brawl to wage battle for burger supremacy...and to raise money for a new computer lab. There were those known for their grilling prowess—Butcher & Singer, Rouge, and Good Dog, among others—and those that know nothing of the art of beef and bun—Paesano's and Barbuzzo. There was blood spilled, meat grilled, cheese melted, and even good condiments wasted. In the end, when the smoke cleared, the victors stood proud and the losers washed their shame down with water ice. THIS...IS...PHILADELPHIA.

I was invited to the the Brawl to stuff my face and bring you this report. Click through the slideshow to read about 14 of the burgers from the Brawl (alas, I didn't get to try all of them).


People's Choice Winner London Grill

Judge's Choice Winner 10 Arts Bistro

Online Voting Winner
1. MidAtlantic
2. Good Dog
3. 10 Arts

Super Awesome Personal Opinion Winner Paesano's. Just sayin'...they were robbed. These guys made a burger that had a certain homemade flair that none of the others came close to replicating. A surprise upset over a past favorite in Butcher & Singer.

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