Video: David Arnold's Burger of the Future, the Soup Dumpling Burger


The last time we saw burger crafting at the hands of Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology at the French Culinary Institute and an author of FCI's food tech blog Cooking Issues, he had flash-fried it, cooked it in a bag of butter in a circulator, then flash-fried it again. That technique, and then some, comes up again in his interpretation of the "burger of the future," the Soup Dumping Burger. Here's the description from Eater:

In the preparation, he fills a patty with a veal stock gelatin that liquifies when cooked (in this case the heat comes from an immersion circulator, a deep fryer, and a makeshift charcoal grill). He then tops it with bacon that has been "glued" together to render a perfect disk, as well as circular Comte cheese and pickles. Buttered rye bread seals, and melts, the deal.

Eater also features the recipe, if you dare to tackle it.

For something similar but less involved, check out Kenji's Flood Burger featuring a center of seared burger juice.

Dave Arnold's Burger Of The Future

More Burger: Dave Arnold Makes a Patty Melt

For more "Dave Arnold Making a Burger" footage, Eater NY presents this video of Arnold making a patty melt in his apartment.