Every Burger, a Japanese Burger-Shaped Biscuit and Chocolate Snack


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

For the second installment in our series about Japanese snacks, Kenji did a post about biscuity, chocolatey things. And falling under this category is my favorite burger-shaped biscuit snack (admittedly, there isn't much/any competition): Every Burger (or "Eburi Baagaa" in Japanese) by Bourbon.


The mini cookie sandwich features two biscuits with a chocolate "patty" and white chocolate "cheese." Of course, it tastes nothing like a burger, but makes for a nice small, sweet bite. Even though the "sesame seeds" on the top don't seem to be real sesame seeds, there's sesame flavor somewhere in the cookie. Overall, it has a good chocolate-to-biscuit ratio, is an easy-to-snack-on size, and it's cute—everything I look for in a good Japanese biscuit-and-chocolate snack.

Every Burger may be found in Japanese supermarkets (we got ours at Mitsuwa in New Jersey) or other Asian supermarkets. You can also buy it online at efooddepot.com for $3.39 per pack.

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