Video: Jerry O'Connell Defends the Doughnut Burger on 'The Rachael Ray Show'


Many of you aren't into doughnut burgers, but on today's episode of The Rachael Ray Show, actor Jerry O'Connell defended the combination of beef, cheese, bacon, and glazed doughnuts. "If my client is charged with being delicious, then yes—he's guilty, But the last time I checked law books, mixing great taste and flavors was every American's right."

So...why did O'Connell report for "Jerry duty" (their words, not mine) in a mock trial presided over by Judge Rachael Ray? To promote his new legal comedy/drama show, The Defenders. And to show what he learned since enrolling in law school in 2009. (Whether he actually likes doughnut burgers is unknown.) In the end, Rachael Ray's audience was not convinced.

[via TV Squad]