Josh Capon's $45 White Truffle Burger from Burger and Barrel in Soho

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

When it was announced that Josh Capon, chef of 2009 Burger Bash People Choice, was serving a white truffle topped hamburger at his latest restaurant Burger and Barrel, we knew we had to cover it.

Read my interview with Josh below to learn more about the burger, or view the slideshow to see how the burger is made.


Josh with his truffles and burger.

What inspired you to come up with the truffle burger? One of my regulars came back from a trip to Italy and brought me a beautiful white truffle and said "congrats on the new burger place, go make a burger with this!"

What do white truffles cost per pound? $1900 to $2200.

What is the spread you put on the burger? it is a homemade truffle aioli. We use the shavings and left over peelings from the truffles to make it.

What kind of beef are you using? I went with Pat La Frieda because they have the best meat in the business and are great guys as well as friends.

And what about the bun? I ain't saying!! But I am very happy with it.

How many are you selling a day? About 10 to 15. Some tables cut it into 4 and share it as an appetizer, others split it in half. But they always are back in a day or two to enjoy the whole thing to themselves! So far the feedback has been pretty positive.

Given the seasonality of white truffles how long will the burger be available? Hopefully until mid-January or as long as I can get my hands on the fungi!

Burger and Barrel

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